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12 Fanfares - good for the ears & good for others!

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fanfarissimo - outrageous - charity (Digital Album)

12 fanfares from the pen of Andreas Brunion to chorales as you have not heard them before!
Recorded by Philharmonic Trumpets Lübeck: Matthias Krebber, Lukas Paulenz, Joachim Pfeiffer

The proceeds from the sale of the digital album will be donated to the
the Fritz Bauer Project of Keren Hayesod.

“A Home for Holocaust Survivors” in Beersheva, Israel.

Fritz Bauer tracks down Adolf Eichmann in Argentina in 1957. It took 3 years for the Israeli Mossad to pick up the trail after Chancellor Adenauer failed to take action. In 1960 Eichmann was arrested. It was thanks to Fritz Bauer that the Eichmann trial could take place in Jerusalem.  Eichmann was the central figure regarding the deportations of several million Jews to the ghettos and concentration camps. Now a part of the dormitory project in Beersheba is to be dedicated in honor of Fritz Bauer, the Hessian Attorney General.